25.07.2017. Started cooperation with the company METALING P.U.T. ltd from Smederevo

Aurora green ltd. started making documentation necessary for obtaining non-hazardous biodegradable waste treatment permit for METALING P.U.T. ltd. from Smederevo.

Composting of non-hazardous biodegradable waste will significantly reduce the amount of non-hazardous untreated biodegradable waste that otherwise ends in the containers and then in municipal landfills, which shortens the period of exploitation of the same.

Compost represents organic matter decomposition under aerobic conditions. The raw material for the composting process will be mainly used from residues from households, such as fruits and vegetables, mowed grass, grain material obtained by tree trimming, weed plant, as well as parts of plants, dry grasses and leaves, wood waste (sawdust, sawdust), paper, cardboard and similar cellulosic materials, waste sledges from wastewater treatment, chicken manure litter, waste from the food industry (bakery, dairy, slaughter, tobacco and other food production), fruit, vegetable and crop production.