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21.09.2011 – Presentation

On a 21st September 2011 in 6th symposium of recycling technology with international participation our team held a presentation. Symposium was held in Soko Banja between 18th and 21st September 2011. This gathering was organized by Ministry of education and science and Republic of Serbia Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning. Presentation of project “Waste management regulation in the Republic of Serbia and problems which operators have in the implementation of regulation” was held by author Zorica Isoski, general manager of Aurora Green ltd. and coauthor Jadranka Radosavljevic, coordinators of the environmental sector of Aurora Green ltd. and professor Dragoljub Todic, Megatrend University.
The paper highlights basic regulations which regulate waste management in the
Republic of Serbia and also analize certain problems that are identified in interpretation and
implementation of relevant regulations. There have been especially analyzed dilemmas and
problems which operators have in the process of obtaining permits for collection,
transport, storage and waste treatment, and/or in the process of making the Waste
management plan for the farms, pharmaceutical industry and distributors of pharmaceutical
products. From the legally-technical aspect, the main problems in the implementation of
existing regulations stem from different reasons: inaccuracy of certain norms, existence of
legal gaps, mutual non-compliance of the provisions of the various regulations, etc. In certain
examples there have been emphasized possible solutions to these issues.
Keywords: waste management, operator, permits, waste management plan, problems in the