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Aurora Green traditionally took part in „Congress of technical students“

”The potential of modern information technologies” was the central theme of this year’s fifth in a row, Congress of technical students, which took place from 15th to 18th of March on Zlatibor. This subject was elaborated by 15 lecture speakers of different profiles and professions who have kindly shared their knowledge and experience on the subject with future colleagues. The concept of the congress, which involves a consideration of the hot topics in technical and technological sciences attracted a large number of higher education institutions – the participants of the Congress. The organizers of this event were Student organizations from Mechanical engineering faculty and Mining and Geology faculty, with the support of the Ministry of education, science and technological development.

We are honored that the call for participation in this event for the second year in a row had been extended to our company, which is recognition of our good work and continues of our partnership. Therefore, among the lecturers was found our colleague Jadranka Radosavljević, which held a lecture on the subject “Risk assessment and analysis of the effect of chemical accidents by applying the Aloha program”.

Other published topics include:

  • Doc. Dr. Emil Veg ” Information technology in engineering practice”
  • Head of quality control in the company “Gorenje tiki” Miroslav Kiš, “Experience of warm water”
  • Dr. Vojislav Simonović ” Geo-information management in precision agriculture”
  • Master of Mechanical Engineering Milos Petrašinović and Mechanical Engineer Mihailo Petrović “Simulated controlled aircraft”
  • Doc. Dr. Ognjen Peković “Product lifecycle management-modern software solutions”.
  • Prof. Dr. Časlav Mitrović and Dr. Goran Vorotović “Mechanical engineering and information technology”
  • Master oil engineering Srdjan Vlajković “Addressing cyber security threats and their exposure in remote management”
  • Prof. Dr. Ranka Stanković “Life of digital documents”.

Congress included a lecture in front of company “SGS” held by Ivana Tepčević and Jovan Zečević on the subject “How to ensure preservation of your data-CLOUD certification”, while speakers from the Career development center at the University of Belgrade held numerous interactive lectures, simulations and workshops.