10. Sep 2022. News

Action plan for the gradual achievement of limit values of pollutants in water for the cosmetic products factory „Dahlia“ ltd. has been prepared

Team of experts“Aurora green” ltd have written an Action Plan for gradually reaching the limit
values of the emission of polluting substances into water for one of the oldest factories of
cosmetic products in the Balkans – "Dahlia" ltd.
The mentioned document provides an overview of the current regulations in the field of water
protection that are important for the operation of the factory “Dahlia” ltd., as well as an overview
of the current state of the quality of waste water at the location of the factory. Also, the
document defines measures aimed at harmonizing the values of pollutant emissions into water
with the limit values prescribed by the Regulation on limit values of pollutant emissions into
water and deadlines for their achievement (“Official Gazette of the RS” no. 67/2011, 48/2012
and 1/2016).