28. Jan 2021. News

Updated Work Plan of the non-sanitary landfill on the territory of the municipality of Negotin

Aurora Green d.o.o. started successful cooperation with the public company “Badnjevo” from Negotin, and on 24.11.2020. signed an agreement for developing of the Updated Work Plan of the plant – non-sanitary landfill with a program of corrective measures and dynamics.

In accordance with Articles 16 of the Law on Waste Management (“Official Gazette of RS” No. 36/2009, 88/2010 and 14/2016, 95/2018) is prescriebed the obligation of public utility companies, which manage non-sanitary landfills – municipal waste dumps to update the Work Plan of the waste management plants regularly every three years, as wall as in case of significant changes of the company.

After reviewing and analyzing the complete documentation, working meetings with representatives from the PE “Badnjevo” and field visit to the location of  non-sanitary landfill in the municipality of Negotin, the consultants of our company started developing the Updated Work Plan of the plant. After the development, the plan was submitted for approval to the client and the consent was obtained.