10. Nov 2020. Некатегоризовано

Contract with Public company „Kovinski Komunalac“ from Kovin

“Aurora Green” ltd. signed a Contract with Public Company „Kovinski Komunalac“ for  providing a service of making following documents: “Operation plan for non-sanitary waste landfill with the corrective measures and the dynamics of the operation of the plant“ and „Adjustment plan of the plant“.

In accordance with Articles 43 and 54 of the Law on waste management (Official Gazette of RS, No, 36/2009, 88/2010, 14/2016 and 95/2018), the public utility companies, which manage non-sanitary landfills – municipal waste dumps, shall develop and submitted to the competent ministry for approval until 31. December 2017, the Operation plan for waste management facility referred to in Article 16 of this Law with the Program of corrective measures and the dynamics of adjustment of the operation of the plant in accordance with this Law and other regulation which regulating the disposal of waste to landfills.