Chemical Advisory Services

Our chemical adviser services, according to Law on chemicals („Official Gazette of RS“, no. 36/09, 88/10, 92/11, 93/12 and 25/15), are: preparing application to entry chemicals into the chemicals registry, application to entry biocidal product in temporary list and place biocidal product on the market, making chemical dossier, safety data sheet, taking records on chemicals, biocidal products and import/export of certain hazardous chemicals, making general provisions on classification on chemicals, and all other activities resulting from the Law and following legal acts.

In accordance with the Law on Chemicals (“Official Gazette of the RS”, No. 36/09, 88/10 and 92/11, 93/12 and 25/15), the supplier of hazardous chemicals, ie. a legal entity or entrepreneur who is a manufacturer, importer, distributor or downstream user who places it on the market is required to provide a chemical adviser.


Who is the Chemical Adviser?

A Chemical Adviser is a person with appropriate qualifications, who possesses the appropriate knowledge necessary for the proper application of the Chemicals Law and the Biocides Act and regulations adopted thereunder, who have passed the relevant training, passed the professional examination and acquired a Chemical Adviser’s license.


What are the duties of a Chemical Adviser?

  • Preparation of necessary documentation for the registration of chemicals in the Register of Chemicals,
  • Responsible for the correct application of regulations in the field of classification, packaging, labeling and advertising of the chemical,
  • Activities on developing a chemical safety data sheet,
  • Coordinate and participate in the implementation of procedures for the import and export of certain hazardous chemicals,
  • Implementation of restrictions and prohibitions on the production and placing on the market of chemicals presenting an unacceptable risk to human health and the environment (restrictions and prohibitions relating to the placing on the market or use, restrictions on the total content of volatile organic compounds – VOC),
  • Preparation of necessary documentation for issuing permits for:
    – the activity of transport of particularly dangerous chemicals and
    – the use of particularly hazardous chemicals
  • Guidelines and formation of chemical trade records,
  • Preparation of label content of all hazardous chemicals and biocidal products in accordance with the Law on Chemicals and the Law on Biocides, and control existing labels,
  • Preparation and submission of basic data when entering a biocidal product in the Provisional List,
  • Formation and application for authorization and provisional authorization for placing on the market of biocidal product,
  • Participation in the safety data sheet for biocidal product and active substance,
  • Implementation of regulations concerning the classification, labeling and advertising of biocidal products,
  • Cooperation in the implementation of safe storage and handling obligations for chemicals and biocidal products,
  • Cooperation and communication with the competent Ministry
  • Collaboration with competent inspection bodies