Major – Accident Prevention Policy, Safety Report, Emergency Plans (for SEVESO Operators)


Seveso plant operator (operator of facility where activities which include one or more hazardous substances, in equal or greater amounts than prescribed are performed) is obliged, depending on the amount of hazardous substances, to provide Notice and to prepare Major/Accident Prevention Policy or Safety Report and Emergency Plan for protection from accidents, and to take measures to prevent chemical accidents and limiting the impact of those accident on life and human health and the environment.


Abstract from the Law on Environmental Protection (“Off. Gazette of RS, no. 135/04, 36/09, 36/09 – other law, 72/09 – other law, 43/11 (CC), 14/16, 76/18 and 95/18 – other law).


Preparation of Plan of Protection from Accidents


Companies and other legal persons performing the activities in which one or more hazardous substances are present or may be present in allowed quantities, and that manage special high risk facilities with potential disaster and terrorist risk for human lives and health shall take all the necessary precautions to prevent accidents and restrict the effects thereof on the life and health of the population and environment, in accordance with article 64. of Law on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management of Emergency Situations („Official gazette of RS“ No. 87/18)


Companies and other legal persons referred to in Art.64 hereof, taking into account their business activity, the type and quantity of hazardous substances and facilities used, shall develop a Plan of Protection from Accidents and submit it to the Ministry of Interior and in accordance thereto undertake measures to prevent accidents and limit effects of the accident to lives and health of persons, material goods and environment.