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May 21st 2014 – Documentation for obtaining integrated permit submitted to rendering plant “Energo-Zelena”

Documentation necessary for applying for integrated permit was submitted by consultants of “Aurora Green” to rendering plant “Energo-Zelena”, as new facility for the safe disposal of non-edible animal by-products.

Documentation included following:

–          Application for integrated permit –

  • I General Data
  • II Summary data on activities and permits issued
  • III Detailed information about plant, processes and procedures

–          Documents to be enclosed with the application –

  • Appendix 1.1 List of main and other projects
  • Appendix 1.2 Report on the last technical inspection
  • Appendix 1.3 The monitoring plan
  • Appendix 1.4 Results of measuring the pollution of environmental components and other parameters
  • Appendix 1.5 Waste management plan
  • Appendix 1.6 The plan of measures for the efficient energy consumption
  • Appendix 1.7 The plan of accident prevention measures and measures aimed at limiting their impact
  • Appendix 1.8 The plan of environmental protection measures to be implemented upon termination of operation and closing of the installation
  • Appendix 1.9 The document granting the right of use of natural resources
  • Appendix 2. Tables
  • Appendix 3. Maps and drawings
  • Appendix 4. List of attached copies of licenses, permits and other documents