28. Mar 2023. Upravljanje otpadom

Waste Management Plan for the client “Kompanija IVA” ltd. was developed

The main activity of “Company IVA” is the production of custom-made interiors and furniture for bars, shopping centers, offices and apartments.

In accordance with the Law on Waste Management, companies that annually produce more than 100 tons of non-hazardous waste or more than 200 kilograms of hazardous waste are required to prepare a Waste Management Plan and update it every three years.

Consultants (“Aurora green” ltd.) participated in the development of the Waste Management Plan for the “Kompanija IVA” ltd, with the cooperation of the person responsible for waste management and other employees of “Kompanija IVA” ltd. The Waste Management Plan includes all activities, equipment and technical solutions in the performance of activities that are important for the waste management procedure, the types of waste that can be produced by the performance of activities, the regulations governing waste management in the Republic of Serbia, which are important for the company. All activities that have been undertaken and will be undertaken in order to improve the waste management system, with particular reference to waste prevention measures and/or measures to reduce the amount of generated waste, are also included in this WMP.