01. Jun 2023. News, Upravljanje otpadom

The Local Waste Management Plan of the City of Bor for the period 2023-2032 was adopted

The Assembly of the City of Bor, at the session held on the 19th of May, 2023, adopted the Local Waste Management Plan for the City of Bor for the period 2023-2032 (No. 501-114/2023-I).

Consultants from the companies “Aurora green” ltd. and “Tekon-Tehnokonsalting” ltd. participated in the preparation of the LWMP for the City of Bor, together with representatives of the Working Group, which consists of representatives of local self-government, the economy of the city of Bor, local communities, NGOs, etc.

The goal of the Plan is to establish a long-term sustainable waste management system, in a way that has a minimal impact on the environment and human health, using modern principles of waste management, prevention of generation, reuse and recycling, waste treatment and disposal of residues, reduction of the amount of deposited waste and the proportion of biodegradable waste of waste in disposed municipal waste, as well as raising awareness of waste management issues.

The aim of the Plan is to contribute to the development of the circular economy in the local community.